Pre-owned Gear

Pioneer SG-9500

Ten Band Equalizer

Pioneer SA-9500 II

Integrated Amplifier from the Golden Era of HiFi

Pioneer TX-9500 II

AM/FM Tuner

Rotel RX-1050

Stereo Receiver

Rotel RC-1070

Stereo Preamplifier

Rotel RCD-1072

CD Player

Sunfire Atmos XT XTATM265

Sunfire Subwoofer Designed for Atmos

Genelec HT205

Bi-Amped Powered Monitors

Pioneer SX-1080

AM/FM Stereo Receiver

Sold $899
Primare I22

Integrated Amplifier with built-in DAC


Stereo Power Amplifier


Direct Digital Preamplifier

Monitor Audio Gold 60
Sold $999
Parasound Halo A21

250 WPC Power Amplifier

Sold $1,869
Audio Research LS17 SE

Reference Quality Tube Preamplifier

Oppo BDP-95

Audiophile Quality Universal Player 

Carver M-1.0t
Sold $299
Nakamichi Dragon

The Holy Grail of Cassette Decks

Sold $1,299
Krell S300i

150 WPC Integrated

Sansui AU-666

Integrated Amplifier

Sold $399
Gamut D200

Stereo Power Amplifier

Gamut C2R

Stereo Preamplifier

Auralic Aries Extreme
Sold $900
B & W CDM7Se

Excellent floorstander from famed manufacturer.

Sold $799
Crown D150

Classic power amplifier from Crown. Comes with wood case. 

Emotiva XPA-1

Single Mono Block Amplifier from Emotiva. 600 Watt Output. 

Sold $629
Kharma Matrix P150
Kharma Matrix MP150
Organic Audio

4 Meter Balanced Interconnect from Organic Audio, a division of Argento Audio.


Vintage Tower Speaker

Sold $429
Emotiva ERC-3

Balanced Audio CD Player

Rel T2

8 Inch Subwoofer from Rel

Rel R218

Reference Quality Subwoofer

Marantz SA-14S1

Reference Quality CD/SACD/Digital Player

Sold $1,849
Thiel CS 3.6

Medium-size floorstanding speaker

Sold $1,099
Emotiva Stealth DC-1

Reference Quality Differential DAC

Sold $369
Emotiva Airmotiv 5S

Powered Monitors

Sold $349
Emotiva XDA-1

DAC and Preamp from budget minded US builder.

Emotiva XDA-2

24/192 DAC / Preamp and Headphone Amplifier

Sold $249
Emotiva XMC-1

7.2 Channel AV Preamp / Processor

Sold $1,499
Vincent SV-236MK

Tube and solid state hybrid integrated amplifier.

Sold $1,299
Emotiva XPA-2

Gen 2 Power Amplifier

Sold $599
Sold $1,499
Oppo BDP-105D

Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player - Special Edition

Sold $1,249
Emerald Physics 100.2 SE

Stereo Power Amplifier

Sonus Faber Liuto

Elegant Floorstander 

Akai GX-285D

Beautiful Vintage Reel to Reel from the Innovators at Akai

Adcom GFA-555

Nelson Pass Designed Power Amplifier

Sold $399
Pioneer SX-950

Vintage AM/FM Stereo Receiver - 85 WPC

Sold $599
Teac X-7R

Dual Capstan Drive / B-Directional Record Reel to Reel 

Sold $449
Exposure 3010S2D

Integrated Amplifier

Sold $1,999
Vincent SA-T8

Hybrid Preamplifier

Focal Electra 1007-S
Sold $1,799
Linn Sondek LP12

The Standard in Audiophile Turntables. 

Sold $1,299
Harman Kardon Citation 12

Vintage Power Amplifier 60 WPC

Plinius 8200P

Power Amplifier 175 WPC

McIntosh MC501 mono blocks, 500w
Sold $6,400
McIntosh CC2200 tube preamp
Sold $3,399
Jolida Glass FX Tube DAC III

Store Demo. Highly Recommended! 

Sonus Faber Electra Amator

Bookshelf Speaker System

Sold $3,999
Martin Logan Dynamo 500


Sold $299
Rega DAC
Sold $449
Nakamichi High-Com II

Noise Reduction Unit

Sold $249
Sansui 8080DB

Iconic Vintage Receiver

Sold $499
Monster Power AVS 2000

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

NuPrime DAC-10h

DAC with High Quality Headphone Amplifier

Sold $999
Yamaha M-70

Stereo Power Amplifier

Carver TX-11a

Acclaimed AM/FM Stereo Tuner

McIntosh MC275 MK V

Classic Tube Power Amplifier

Sold $3,899
Marantz 7t vintage preamp
Sold $599
Revox A77

Reel to reel tape machine

Sold $599
Monster M2.4 S BiWire with Monster Lock connectors

8 ft pair and 10 ft center channel, with bananas and spade lugs

Monitor Audio Radius 90
Thorens TD 125 MK II

Unassuming audiophile turntable

Sold $699
Rega Planar 3

Iconic Turntable

Sold $399
JBL Apollo C51

Rare and amazing speakers from JBL

Sold ebay $0
Myryad MXA-5150

5 Channel Modular Power Amplifier

Paradigm CC370 V4

Center Channel Speaker

Martin Logan Aeon
Sold $999
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