Pre-owned Gear

Naim NDX

Streaming Network Music Player

Mark Levinson Nº333

High Current Dual Monaural Power Amplifier : 300 watts per channel at 8Ω; 600 watts per channel at 4Ω; 1200 watts per channel at 2Ω

Parasound Model 2125

Two Channel Power Amplifier

2 x 125 watts into 8 ohms

Spica TC-50

Two-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker

Mytek Manhattan (II)

DAC/Headphone Amp/Preamplifier - like new!

Monitor Audio Silver RX6

Floorstanding Loudspeaker

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM™2 SE (Special Edition)

2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM™1 SE (Special Edition)

Stereophile Recommended 2-Way Bookshelf Loudspeaker

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CDM™C SE (Special Edition)

Center Channel Loudspeaker (perfect match for CDM™1 SE)

Klipsch Belle

Vintage Famous and Rare Floorstanding Speakers

Sold $3,499
Meridian G02

Balanced Dual Mono Control Unit/ Preamplifier

Audio Research D-51

Vintage High Definition Audio Stereo Tube Amplifier

Myryad MX Modular Power Amplifier

5 x 150w modules

AudioQuest Panther

1m XLR Balanced with 36v DBS

GoldenEar SuperSub X

Award Winning 1400w Dual-Plane Inertially Balanced Subwoofer

Heybrook TT2

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable w/Linn Basik Plus tonearm, dustcover, and FUNK FIRM Achromat Platter Mat

Yamaha PF-800

High Performance Belt-Drive Turntable w/ Dustcover

Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8

12' High End Speaker Cables Spades Both Ends

Revel Performa B-15a

Powered Subwoofer

KEF Q55.2

Floostanding Loudspeakers


Audioquest Thunder / AMP (Variable) Current AC Power

Low-Z / Noise-Dissipation 3-Pole AC Power Cable

Nakamichi RE-2

AM/FM Stereo Receiver


200 watt Powered Sub-Bass Woofer

The Original Advent Loudspeaker

Famous Henry Kloss Designed Bookshelf Speaker

Nakamichi RX-202

Unidirectional Auto Reverse Cassette Deck w/ Dolby C / Metal Tape

Sansui G-6000


Jolida Audio JD100S

Vacuum Tube CD player

McIntosh C50

Solid State Stereo Preamplifier


300watt / (2) x 10'' woofers subwoofer

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) ASW610

10" 200 watt Powered Subwoofer

Transparent Plus

8' Banana Terminated Speaker Cable

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) CM2

Stand-mount/Bookshelf loudspeakers

Musical Design D-140 i

High Current Dual Mono Power Amplifier

McIntosh MA 6100

Vintage Integrated Amplifier

Dynaudio Xeo 4

Wireless Bookshelf Loudspeakers

PS Audio Sprout (not 100)

Award Integrated Amplifier w/ MM phono stage and Hi Res DAC

Kimber Kable KCAG

1m Digital-Link (single)

Audioquest KE-4

Factory Re-terminated 8' Speaker Wire/ Pair w/ Banana Connectors

Elrod Power Systems Statement

6' Heavy Duty 20 Amp Power Cable

Audioquest Rocket 88 72v DBS

8' Full Range Speaker Wire with Banana Connectors

Quad 405-2

Vintage Power Amplifier

Audeze EL-8

Planar Magnetic Technology Closed-Back Headphones

GoldenEar SuperSat 60 (single - can be used as a C)

Single Speaker/ Center Channel

Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler

5' Heavy Duty Power Cable

McIntosh C 28

Solid State Stereo Preamplifier

Transparent Reference PowerLink

2m Heavy Duty Power Cable

Transparent PowerLink Super

2m Heavy Duty Power Cable

Yamaha T-85

Great Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner

Technics Professional Series Components 1976-1971

Includes SE-9060/ SH-9010/ST-9030/SU-9070

Altec Lansing Valencia 846B

Famous Classic Loudspeakers!

Nakamichi Dragon CT- Computing Turntable

Computing Turntable - Super Rare Masterpiece from Japan

Carver M-400

Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier

Sold $349
PS Audio Superlink Generation Two

Digital Processor

Pro-ject RPM Four

2-Speed Belt-Drive Turntable with Dustcover and Sumiko EVO III Cartridge

Audioquest Monsoon

4.5m Low-Z / Noise-Dissipation 3-Pole AC Power Cable

PSB Stratus C6

Center Channel Speaker

AM/FM Tuners

Sale on lots of demo and used Tuners!

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Center Channel Loudspeakers

Sale on lots of demo and used Center Channel Speakers!

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